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Brazilian Pandeiro Contemporânea Choro


A very aesthetic high quality pandeiro with great sound and excellent design – a great professional pandeiro!

Includes professional case and 6 months guarantee!

Superlight pandeiros have a differently contructed type of tension hoop: it is made of flat material. The skin is pulled over a piece of wire and not pressed into a ring like usually, that saves weight! The 5 pairs of jingles are made of strong brass producing the Choro-typical tinkling sound. Each pair has a thin brass interleaf inbetween. The transparently varnished wood frame is ornamented with handmande inlay ornaments looking especially beautiful with the gold-plated tension hooks and and nicely picked hide heads.
Light pandeiros are especially suitable for playing the Marcos Suzano technique!
A light pandeiro is a good choice for pandeiristas of any level! If you are just starting to play the pandeiro, your muscles will have to build up in order to hold the pandeiro in the right playing position. With a too heavy pandeiro you will lose your motivation soon and holding it is very tiring. Advanced players and professional percussionists have a stable technique and can take full advantage of a light instrument!

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Goat skin


0,48 kg

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Brazilian Pandeiro Contemporânea Choro


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