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Sold – Saxophone Alto Kohlert & Söhne

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Alto Saxophone from Kohlert & Sons in Good Condition!

Sound sample:

Country of manufacture:
Graslitz, Czechoslovakia

Markneukirchen is located in the Vogtland and borders directly on today’s Czech Republic. Markneukirchen, Klingenthal and the former Graslitz, the so-called Musikwinkel, are the birthplace of saxophones in Germany. They are still the center of German musical instrument manufacturing. Graslitz belonged to the Austrian / Hungarian part of Bohemia, which had mostly German-speaking inhabitants. As early as 1900, the Kohlert and Sons company began making saxophones there.

– tuned in Eb
– pads in very good condition, like new
– tuned action
– silver plated body

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Sold – Saxophone Alto Kohlert & Söhne

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