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Rental Service

Monthly rentDeposit *
Clarinet, Alto Saxophone 30,- €250,-€
Tenor Saxophone35,-€350,-€
Accordion40,-€50% -100% of value

* the deposit doesn’t necessarily correspond to the final value of the instrument. The deposit serves for any necessary repairs, damages that are identified when returning the instrument. The final value of the instrument will be estimated and set in each rental contract to assure transparency in case the customer decides to buy the instrument.

Our conditions

Our rental conditions are as follows:

  • minimum rental time: 6 months
  • the rental of an instrument doesn’t include additional chords or reeds, the client has to buy separately the additional items. Each instrument comes with a basic set meaning for a clarinet for example: Instrument + cleaning swipe + case.
  • each contract includes a protocol for the instrument
  • the deposit is for repairs or any damages identified when returning the instrument.

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